Removing wallpaper can be a frustrating process that requires more patience than skill.  You are removing paper that has been glued to a substrate so expect damage to sheet rock no matter how careful you are. Even in cases where the walls are primed.

Repairing sheet rock is labor intensive and messy. Sinks, cabinets, showers, light fixtures, commodes, and flooring must be completely covered with plastic.  Adjoining rooms must be sealed off thoroughly to prevent dust from filtering through other interior rooms. We are experienced in floating sheet rock. Even in cases where damage is extensive, we can get your walls back to near perfect condition.

A primer coat is critical.  Primer is necessary to seal out glue residue, and properly seal sheet rock repairs. The wrong primer can result in blistering paints, streaks or greasy films.  We recommend a quality shellac oil base primer to insure professional results and no problems with your topcoat.

All workmanship is warranted.